Why Choose Silk City Movers?


  • Local and Long distance

There is no such thing as a destination too far when you choose Silk City Moving Company to take care of all your moving and relocation needs. Helping all of our clients that are moving short and long distances from start to finish every single step of the way, our experts supply the muscle, the trucks, and the experience necessary to get you and your possessions down the road or completely across the country without anything to worry about! Proud to be an agent of Ziptozip Moving

  • Affordable price

We are always offering affordable prices for every service available. You can always compare our price with other moving companies. Together with our top level of quality and extreme professionalism that we deliver makes us unique in our industry.

  • Safety is our priority

We are spending much to to train/re-train our crew to increase their level of service. When thing comes to customers possessions our crew are highly trained to take care without making any scratch or dent to valuable possession that might be. Do not risk – use our professionalism.

  • You assistant from begging till finish.

We are analyzing every details of the move, estimating all your circumstances and preparing plan of the moving days. Starting from phone call or email that you send finish with the truck leaves your place we will deliver excellent quality of service.